Broke My Key in Door

Broke My Key in Door

When your key gets broken while inside the lock, you may feel confused and irritated at the same time. Good thing is, there are simple ways to remove the broken key from the door. It will all depend on the unique situation, the tools you have and how deep the key is inside the door. If you are unable to find a method to remove the key from the door, we suggest you hire a locksmith who will do the job safely and effectively. But let’s first review a few simple methods to remove the broken key from the door.

Don’t reinsert the key

One common mistake that most people make when they want to remove the stuck key is pressing it further inside. When you do this, you only push the broken part of the key into the lock. In fact, you can make it even more difficult to remove the stuck key if you end up forcing it deep into the lock. If you have part of the broken key, simply put it in your pocket. You don’t need to use this piece to try and unlock the door or remove the piece that is stuck. You can give the broken piece to your local locksmith as soon as he arrives. It can be used to cut out a new key.

Apply lubricant

When you apply lubricant in the keyway, it helps to provide a smooth plug rotation. Go for a dry lubricant such as graphite spray as opposed to the oil-based lubricant. Oil-based lubricants may work but the major disadvantage is that they can end up gumming up the components of the lock. You can use a rag or cloth to remove any excess lubricant that comes out of the keyway.

Gather the tools

Next, it’s time to look for materials that may come in handy during the process. A pliers, a metal hair clip, bobby pin, paper clip, safety pin or button pin may be required. You may also need to have a swiss army knife and a first aid kit with you. You can also use tweezers to get the broken key out of a lock. Just make sure the tweezers are thin enough to fit in the keyway. Tweezers will work best if there is a protruding section of the key from the keyhole. If the key is too far back, don’t use tweezers because you will only end up pushing it deeper in the keyhole.

Using a broken key extractor

This is one of the tools locksmiths use to remove a key that’s broken inside a lock. You can find this tool locally available at the retail stores. However, they come in so many different sets and variations so it can be difficult to know which one to purchase. A locksmith can recommend whether a single hooked key extractor or a double hooked one is most ideal for your situation. Other tools like a jig saw blade can be used to carry out the same job.